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Friday, March 2, 2012

March Follower Giveaway Winner Is MeliousMoon

The Winner of the March Follower Giveaway is

 meliousmoon, you have until midnight tonight to comment on this post.

As with all Monthly Follower Giveaways, if the winner doesn't respond before midnight, the first person to comment on this post will win the prize.

And the Monthly Prize is: a Signed CD from Jagged Row. 

PS: You might be wondering why there was no post yesterday... Sorry about that. Life happens, computers have issues, and sometimes there are a few more hours in the day that take priority over a given set of time.

PPS: If you haven't signed up for the Monthly Follower Giveaway, or you are having issues with signing up, email me at and I'll make sure you'll be able to be a part of the monthly giveaways. As always, tell your friends to sign up and support the blog. In the end, they might win as well.

Virgil Allen Moore

Thank you for all your support. Please Comment & Subscribe to my blog. There's a prize each month and all you have to do is follow the blog openly.

Virgil Allen Moore

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