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Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Book For FIrst Comment, Really!!

I'm trying something a little different this month. Instead of a random winner, I will be giving away Demon Vampire to the first person that comments on this post.

A Gift to my Readers.

That's right, comment on this post, and you get a signed copy of the book, Free.

It's a nice night, be productive;)

It's that simple, be the first to comment and win. The winner will be announced later tonight. Happy winning and don't forget to rank the book on Goodreads once you read it.


Virgil Allen Moore


LoveRundle said...


I'm never one to turn down a vampire novel. :)

Virgil Allen Moore said...

Great to hear. Send me the address you want the book mailed to at

Don't reply with your email here of course, I don't want to publish anyone's personal info on the blog directly.

I'll be waiting for your email. Congratulations on winning the book;) and don't forget to tell all your friends where you got your free prize,

LoveRundle said...

Thank you. Just sent you an email.


Can't wait to read it.