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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Progress Of Words

I have been diligent at finding the time to write. I have taken so many moments to write this week, I think I have reached a new personal record for writing.

However, during each session, I have been plagued with actual urgent matters. Everything from family concerns, to home repair problems. In short, these things, although needed the priority, have a constant and steady unintended delay to my progress.

Regardless, I have now reached a word count of 45,000+ words.

As I have stated before, this book will be a welcome relief to those that were at terms by the slow and sometimes to detailed world pace that I set in book one. As an answer to this, I have agreed to a word count limit on this book. The pacing will also be quicker and more action oriented. Instead of the massive tome that book one was, book two will be a fast satisfying read that will leave everyone, (trust me on this,) clamouring for the next instalment.

I will be doing in my series what no other author is willing to do. As to what that is, you will have to read for yourself when book two comes out. So far that projected date is going to be the end of this year. If I am able to burn the midnight oil more often, that date even advance closer towards a November Release.

As always, the more support there is for the book, the quicker I write. So go out there, to your book groups, to your blogs, to your community forums - and tell everyone that Demon Vampire: Redgold (Book Two of the Redgold Series), is coming!

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