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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Cost Of Words

The writing weekend was helpful. I learned a great deal from it in that I now understand there are limitations to my flesh. Mainly, my ass.

Sitting in a single chair for 18 hours in not an easy thing. Needless to say, I had to take many breaks during my writing stint. The good news is that it did pay off. I was able to write around 8,000+ words. Yes, far less than I had planned for. I would blame life, but I enjoy it too much to nag.

I was able to finish a chapter and write a whole new one with the time I put into the story. At this pace, I should be done a lot sooner than projected. In hopes I will be able to do just that, I will be taking another long writing block this week. Either Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm not sure which will be best, I might do both.

So far I've added several new characters to the story and I have plotted out the twelve vampire elders and their respective roles throughout history. That part was very rewarding;) I can't say why right now, but trust me, you are in for some well earned surprises later in the series.

As exciting as the development is going, I've found little time for sleep.

I'll let everyone know what happened on Thursday and the current word count at that time. Until them, at least for today, I'll be preparing and resting. After that, I'll be writing.


Virgil Allen Moore

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