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Monday, February 18, 2013

Great News, One Is Done!!

Book One Is Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have sent off book one of The Redgold Series back to the editor for final proofing. (Jimmy, you are awesome.) Everyone, Thank Jimmy Blake, please. He has turned the novel around from being dismissed for the spelling and punctuation errors that caused it those few low reviews.

In a while, hopefully about a month, the book will be ready for re-release.

It will also have a new cover.... If things go well. The current artist did wonderful in creating the likeness of Kyli, but there was still something missing from the image - A pulse. That's right, the new cover for the book will be a live model. The model hasn't been confirmed yet, but I will ultimately be shooting the cover in about a month's time. Meaning that right now, the logistics matter more than anything. As long as I find the right subject by the last minute, everything will go well and you all will be able to see the new look of Kyli Waterfield.

As for all the headache with Erudite Small Press, things have calmed down. I've found out that I wasn't just thinking I was in over my head, I found out that is how it was supposed to be with one person managing a whole publishing company that they won in a legal dispute over royalty payments. Yes, everything is just wonderful;) ...(There was expletives that I wish to omit right now for the sake of the younger readers of my work. Rest assured that I am getting everything done as quickly as I am able with all that I have to juggle on my plate.)

For now, simply subscribe to the blog, lend as much support as you can over the next month. The more hype the re-launch gets, the more the sales go up, and the more work I will be able to put into the rest of the series as a whole.


Virgil Allen Moore

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