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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Shoot Is On

The Photo Shoot Has Been Confirmed!

In the last post, I was setting things up with a few choice models for the cover photos. As of this week, things have begun for real.

The model has been chosen, the location, most of the individual shots, and even the props are on their way from all over the world. (I love eBay and Amazon;)

At this point, the wardrobe and make up are being all gathered to be ready for the day of shooting. It should be early to mid April at this point. Of course that is tentative to everyone's schedule. But the main thing to take from this is that it is happening.

The last time I paid for a cover, I got everything I asked for. It was beautiful, exactly as I had asked, and it was even done in the time frame I had asked. The price was even very reasonable. However, there was one problem, I didn't ask for more. The last cover was meant as a wrap around for that one book only. This time, I will be taking enough photos to use for up to seven different book covers. That's right, this shoot will get me through the next seven books.

Now I know what you may be thinking - "You don't have seven books!"

"Actually, yes, I do."

Demon Vampire is being cut into three volumes by itself. SSR 1192 has already been out for over a year, which makes it book four. The next book to be released will be entitled Redgold, which will be book five. The side novella after that will be called Five Years, making it book six. Finally, the seventh novel is what I'm currently working on right now. It doesn't have a title yet, but it will soon.

After those seven photos have been used for the covers, I will be doing another shoot. I will be using a different model for that one though. She will be made up to look like Sophialla. The short, petite, long blonde haired vixen that was only mentioned in the later part of Demon Vampire. She will be the next character immortalized on the covers.

As for the current character, it will be Kyli Waterfield envisioned by a live model.

To those that think seven photos of Kyli will be a bit monotonous, it won't all be her exactly. I have come up with an array of images to photograph that will all have an equally diverse impact on the eye and mind.

For now, know that I am hard at work with the series. Everything is coming together for the re-release. Imagine, within the year, over a hundred thousand people all reading and talking about The Redgold Series. Please, tell everyone you know about this site and have them follow through feedburner at the top right of the site. Because if you do, it will help everyone to read this fantastic story. You have the power to spread the word, now go, and talk about Demon Vampire to the next person you see.


Virgil Allen Moore

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