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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Meeting Went Well

My model now has clothes!

...To wear for the cover shoot.

I met with the model for the shoot today. Although I am not willing to show you a picture of her as of yet, believe me, you will all enjoy the look-a-like I have found for the role of Kyli.

Today, she saved me the cost of a dress and even turned me onto going to a different store for the shirt and skirt I was looking into.
These are the two styles of outfits that the shoot will focus on. They may seem simple in the drawing, but the reality of it will be very pleasing.

These are a few cover ideas. A few of them are possible cover shots, but in the end, time will tell what gets used and what only gets put on the site.

These are a few more cover ideas. The arm and knife will be the cover for Bloodlines.

 The hand writing will be the cover for SSR 1192.

The open hand is just an idea that I've been playing around with.

This is a possible cover shot for the re-release of Demon Vampire.

All and all, I was able to go over the set up of the shoot. The order of make up, the shots, and the changing of clothing. We made a lot of headway and worked out a few needed things. I can't wait to do the shoot on April 19h.

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