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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Demon Vampire Is Being Revised

Demon Vampire is currently being reworked. 

In the past several reviewers have noted the weak and whiny nature of Zack Giver as the main character. Even in the more negative reviews of the book, the character Marin has been praised. I searched for why and found that indeed he is a bad ass stoic vampire. So I thought about it. A lot of people thought about Zack and Marin as parallel characters in different places in their lives. So I took that to heart.

I went back through the whole book and changed Zack Giver. I took out his entire weak and clueless nature. I replaced it with a modern version of how Marin was when he was younger. The stoic sense of self. The passive intensity that everyone loved about Marin is now also in Zack.

The revised edition will be done at the end of August and will be available at that time for review. To those that have already received an advanced review copy, that would be the time to request the new version.

I am also making the book a little less violent. The whole Orhn scene didn't really make sense after the initial cut of the new edition. So I decided to work it into a later book instead. This should fix the disjointed issue that most reviewers have noted.

I believe these changes should benefit the book as a whole and make it the amazing series that so many of you were hoping to read. Thank you all for sticking with me as I evolve into the writer you have always wanted. 


Virgil Allen Moore

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