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Friday, July 27, 2018

I want to tell you a little story about my first D&D character

When I was sixteen, I had been transferred to my second high school and ended up talking with a group of kids that liked to play Magic. About a month into knowing them, one of them showed me a new book they had been reading; Dungeons and Dragons 3.0. At this point, I had never heard of pen and paper role-playing games at all. So I asked about it, and we all decided to start a game. He let me borrow the book, I read a good amount of it, and I made a character. First time ever, a gnome wizard with an owl familiar and a dagger. All black clothing (I was sixteen), and white hair ( I played a lot of Final Fantasy 7), and he was four foot tall (the DM was slack on the personal non-game details).

  The first session the DM told us we were in a medium sized town and asked us where we were and what we planned to do. I told him I was in the town square meditating near the well. He told me there was no town square. So I asked to go to the market. He said there was no market. I was a little confused as to why a medium sized town wouldn't have either, but I went with it. I then asked if they had a weapons shop. He finally said yes, and I started walking to the shop. It was early morning, and the DM went to the other players, asking what they wanted to do. My turn came around again. I arrived at the weapons shop to find a very large creature sleeping on a heavy display case. This is about a week from the first time I picked up the book and about ten minutes into my first session ever. So what did I do as a level one wizard? I cast sleep on the half-orc creature that happened to be the shop owner. The DM looked at me with confusion. His longtime friend turned to him with an oh god. It dawns on the DM what I am about to do as I immediately walk into the back of the shop and start opening the crates and taking everything I can into my backpack. I get several rounds of stealing in before I simply walk out. The DM informs me that I get about two blocks down the street when I hear screaming coming from the direction of the weapons shop. 

  On the third turn of the session, I met up with the rest of the party members, and they decided to go to the weapons shop. I said nothing in character. When we got there, there were two hulking guards and the half-orc staring down all of my party members, except me, the lowly wizard gnome.

   I hope you enjoyed this little story. If you did, comment and let me know, I have almost twenty years of these stories and I'm more than willing the write about them or possibly do a video on them. 

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