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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Demon Vampire Cover

     This is the long awaited actual cover of Demon Vampire approved earlier this week by Erudite Small Press. The illustration was done by Leos Ng Okita. You can find this artist's work on

     Here are a few other details of the book: The retail price for a physical copy will be $18.97 as sold on and in retail stores. Erudite Small Press is pushing to have the book sold through kindle and Nook in an effort to reduce the amount of trees felled by the book's release. Demon Vampire is a 500 page novel of epic paranormal dark mystery. Inside there will be reviews, an author end note, special thanks pages, and a full interview with the author Virgil Allen Moore as interviewed by

     Pre-orders will be available on this blog for the discounted price of $15.97, which will include the free ebook to be released on the same day of Demon Vampire's publication date. There will be a limited supply of books available on this site, it will be a first come, first serve basis. Once the copies are gone, you will have to wait for another print run by the publisher, which may take two-three weeks. To avoid this, buy early. You will be rewarded by a signed copy with an added gift enclosed in your order. Something that you will not be able to buy or obtain otherwise. As to what that special gift is, you will need to order to find out.

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