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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Chance To Sign Up To Receive The Demon Vampire Wallpapers

Today is your last chance to sign up to the blog to receive the free Demon Vampire wallpapers.

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There have been seven formats selected, including wide screen and standard. There are even a few dual screen formats as well.

And don't forget to Sign Up for the newsletter. Those who do get an extended version of the sample chapters. You will be able to read up to chapter three for free, and before the book comes out on 10/30/2011.

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Available in major retail stores and on for $3.00!!! You read correctly, $3.00, plus you will get a free ebook from the upcoming series with or without your purchase. I believe that you will be so enthralled by my vampires, that once you read part of my world, you will be hooked.

Virgil Allen Moore

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