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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Re-Cutting Teeth

Lately I've been spending too much time marketing and playing the good writer to actually lay down a solid stream of thought on my book.

That changes tonight. 

I have set other activities above my writing in the past few weeks. Things needed of me that have taken a great deal of time away from my writing, but necessary things none the less.

Over the course of the next evening I will be dashing all the small items on my daily list of dutiful chores and errands to instead simply write. In a usual session, which lasts 2-3 hours, I am able to writer around two to three thousand words. I hope that given a full day of around 16 hours and a bit more caffeinated tea than I am willing to admit, I will be able to clear 15-20,000 words.

As for the full time frame of my maddened rush to jump start the verbose monster that slumbers inside.... That is to be determined. I can say that I won't be answering any emails, or generally be online until after or around Monday at least.

So for now, have a great weekend, be sure to rate the book on goodreads below, and I will let you all know how much fruit I will have picked.


Virgil Allen Moore

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck with that! I hope you can write as much as you hope and more. ;)