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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silver Is A Human's Best Friend. Know When To Wear It And When You're Just Being Rude.

     A vampire doesn't like silver because it causes a rash, irritations, and slows the regenerating process. It does not kill them, but it is a ward. As a human, I wear silver. Small charms, trinkets, objects, they all have a clear purpose - They show that I am not a vampire. It is a good distinction to display. However, if one were to be in the presence of a real vampire, it is just plain rude. Silver is a symbol of offense to vampires if worn by a human. It is important to know when and where to wear silver. When I go to events of the general public, I obviously wear it. When I go to a private location, I never do.
     However, there is one thing I am never without. A silver pen. Personal prefference is to just not take it out.

Virgil Allen Moore

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