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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vampeal The Book. A Young Adult Novel For Those Still In School

     I will be releasing an alternate version of the novel Demon Vampire entitled "Vampeal." It is a full length novel, under 100,000 words. It is intended for the young adult audience as a summer reading program with back of the book review questions. The recommended age for Vampeal is 13-18, as opposed to 16-35 with Demon Vampire.
     The main difference in the storylines is that the actual demon vampires that exist in the larger novel are not present in the book Vampeal. Hence the toned down version. There is not as much sex, violence, and overall blood. The story as a whole of much lighter. With that said, it is still a work of Young Adult Dark Fiction.

     As to the release date of Vampeal. I will be sending out queries to agents that would otherwise not accept the book Demon Vampire in a few weeks. Once I have an agent, my goal is to sell the book in just as many avenues as Demon Vampire. Different languages, audio books, even braille.

I will as always provide updates on my progress.

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1 comment:

Scott Niven said...

This is a really cool idea! I don't have a novel out (yet), but I love the idea of creating study questions for students. They could also be used in Book Clubs as discussion points.