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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Comment About A Book On Real Vampires

I wonder if the book makes the distinction between Sanguinary Vampires and Psychic Vampires. Being that I have met both. The experiences are very difference.
     A blood drinking vampire has a healthy glow to them, as do most people that consume animal blood on a constant basis. I have seen feats of strength from seemingly frail men, and amazing balance from them. As to the obvious question of longevity, it is taboo to ask. So I never do. Accelerated healing is fascinating to see, but it happens much slower in real life than in most novels, including mine. The idea of a wound instantly healing over is fictional. It usually takes pressing the injury shut, then concentrating to seal it. After that comes a good one to two hours. Then, finally, the wound is mostly healed, even from the outside. The cut is gone, the blood reabsorbed. It is quite an honor to see it happen.
     A psychic vampire is special. In my opinion, they can be quite fun too. simply standing next to one on a "good" or "positive" day is astounding. They can do many things, such as give you the sensation of touch without touching, or even cause you to have an honestly great, or as some would say, "lucky" day.
     On the topic of morality, many cultures around the world drink blood to help sustain their life. It's only here that we entertain the idea of drinking human blood. Not to say there is any wrong with it if done with a willing partner and in moderation. Safety is always key in this area.
     All said, I like the idea of this book and will be buying it as soon as I finish a little work on my own.

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